“wiCOM provides me a platform to connect with inspiring female entrepreneurs and experts in various areas. It is obvious that their wisdom comes from years of experiences in their respective field. The exchange of ideas that takes place during our sessions has provided me insights that would have taken years for me to gather had I not be part of the group. Thanks wiCOM.”

– Zuhaila Sedek


“Being part of wiCOM, I have had the benefit of seeing the different interesting entrepreneurial perspectives from like minded “go-getter” women. This has triggered many thought processes within me; thoughts that make me want to be fearless, bold and stay true to myself. It has definitely been a blessing and privilege to be part of this movement that focuses on inspiring women to take that leap of faith towards a progressive, better fulfilling life.”

– Bhavani Manickam


”Business ideas are valuable resources for business success. wiCOM is a community of diverse talents, and although it`s at an infancy stage, the idea of pooling our experience and ideas to help other women in corporate who want to take the brave step into entrepreneurship makes this a ‘must have’ program. It`s key to their success.”

–  Karen Toh


“Being in wiCOM is very refreshing for me. It`s a place to give and receive, learn and teach, hear and be heard, and many more…. all of which enhances me not only as an entrepreneur. And the best thing is that we do all these while having a lot of fun. It`s awesome.”

–  Azlin Zainal


“I can`t underestimate the power of the support system. All of us have our own blind spots. Discussing issues, challenges and obstacles on my entrepreneurship journey with the fellow wiCOM Circle members have opened up real solutions for real situations that are so priceless. We are indeed better together! Serving the entrepreneurs, from entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs.”

– Salwana Ali


“We have all faced a variety of trials and tribulations throughout our entrepreneurship journey. With all the sharings and biz discourse during our Circle meetings, wiCOM has become a strong support system which I believe will help me manage my challenges and celebrations more effectively.”

– Lynn Bakar



Zuhaila Sedek

Zuhaila Sedek

Senior Manager

Strategic Communications Unit
Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE)

Zuhaila believes investment in building creativity and technology will spur the growth of the SMEs in
Malaysia and accelerate their participation in the global market. She advocates leading through
empowerment as the strategic way to affect change in a sustainable manner. Passionate about
women empowerment, she urges all women to support each other to make positive changes in their
wellbeing and livelihood. Her message to all women is to have a strong belief system to pursue their
dreams and to do the right thing; instead of being constrained or held back by societal expectations.

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