Frequently Asked Questions.

What is a wiCOM Circle?

A wiCOM Circle is a small group of women entrepreneurs, between 8 to 12 people, sharing a common interest of helping each other to tackle issues, address challenges and overcome barriers in their pursuit to grow their businesses and contribute to the global economy.

What is wiCOM’s vision?

Our vision is to provide a trusted platform for women entrepreneurs to exchange ideas, support each other and work on meaningful solutions on women empowerment for the betterment of their businesses.

What is the purpose of wiCOM?

The purpose of wiCOM is to support women entrepreneurs in setting up, promoting and sustaining their businesses by focusing on seven key entrepreneurial cornerstones – strengthening the belief system, developing core skills, engaging with partners/stakeholders, embracing healthy competition, accessing funds, accessing markets and being socially responsible.

How do the members of wiCOM’s Circle support each other?

Members of wiCOM’s Circle will meet monthly to have dialogues on specific issues that matter to entrepreneurs. In this dialogue session, the members are expected to ask probing questions and challenge stereotypes or preconceived notions. We encourage critical thinking and interactive exchange of ideas.

What are the potential topics covered during the monthly dialogue?

Potential topics will be based on the WiCOM’s seven key cornerstones namely: 1) Belief system (2) Core skills (3) Partners / Stakeholders (4) Competition (5) Funds Access (6) Market Access (7) Social Responsibility.

How much time do I need to commit to be a member of a wiCOM Circle?


The most important thing is to turn up during the monthly dialogues. On the average, one can expect to spend about two to three hours a month.

Is the monthly dialogue free?

Yes. The monthly dialogue among Circle members is free.

What’s next after the monthly dialogues?

Upon completion of every dialogue, its outcomes will be converted into meaningful content which will be published on the wiCOM website. This will be a one stop shop of knowledge repository for all entrepreneurs to learn and make good by applying the learnings as they see fit, for their businesses. We are serving entrepreneurs. From entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs.

What are the key criteria to become a wiCOM member?

An entrepreneur genuinely passionate in helping and supporting each other, believing in ‘we are better together’ and staying true to empower women and girls to realize their full potential.

Is there a pre- requisite to be a wiCOM member?

Yes, there is. wiCOM is a strategic initiative of International Women Federation of Commerce and Industry, Malaysia (IWFCIM). Evidently, this will mean that wiCOM is a part of the IWFCIM. Hence, all wiCOM members are naturally expected to become an IWFCIM member. The individual membership fee is RM300.

How do I register to become an IWFCIM member?

All registrations to become an IWFCIM member must be made online at

How does WiCOM go about in facilitating the monthly dialogues?

wiCOM is a registered Circle within the community of Lean In Circles. The monthly dialogue will be conducted using a well proven methodology based on the Lean In Circle’s principle. The Lean In Circles, established by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and the Founder of has expanded to 33,000 circles in 150 countries to date.

Can organizations partner with the wiCOM for specific initiatives?

Yes. wiCOM promotes partnership with organizations and interested parties that share common goals of promoting women empowerment in commerce. Please email