Yes. That’s what you do when you practice healthy competition.
In your marketplace, you surely face a lot of competition. Some compete professionally. They will stay on message focusing on their strengths and creating value for their customers.
Some don’t. They will play dirty tactics, attacking you where it hurts the most. For instance, Malik, a Learning and Development Professional who trains corporates and entrepreneurs on soft skills accepts an invite from his ‘trusted’ friend, also a Learning and Development Professional, to collaborate in an exciting training opportunity to a big potential client. They discuss the details and with full trust, Malik shares his training modules completely. A few months passed. Malik has not heard back from his friend. The next thing, Malik finds out from the client that his ‘trusted’ friend has delivered the training without him.
What would you do if your competitors play dirty tactics on you?
No matter what, take the high road because of these reasons:


You are in business for the long term. You work hard to earn good reputation and credibility. And you must maintain such standard day in day out. The way to achieve that is by consistently performing good quality work. Customers appreciate that and will stay with you in the long term.


Integrity matters. You have to respect your competitors and customers alike. If your customers start asking validation questions on specific area of your offerings or organization, keep on probing objectively. Obviously, the questions may have been planted by anyone of your competitors. However, you need to be skilful enough to determine what the real concerns are. Address the real concerns. Avoid being disrespectful, saying nasty things or playing dirty tricks about your competitors to your customers. Let your customers judge for themselves.


Your success in the marketplace depends a lot on your consistency in delivering great value to your customers. The key differentiators that will set you apart from your competitors will be determined by your customers’ understanding of your strengths, value that you offer and your ability to meet their expectations. You achieve that by consistently focusing on your strengths, demonstrating the values that you created and delivering on your promises.
When you lead with the principles of longevity, integrity and consistency, there is no place for dirty tactics. Your customers know what you are made of. Chances are they will stick with you despite the stiff competition in the marketplace.

Have you experienced dirty tactic from your competitors? How did you respond to it?